Meet Alex

Hey there!

It means so much to me that you’ve landed on this page, because it tells me (I hope!) that you really want to get to know me. That means the absolute world to me, and I’m happy to share a few things about myself that I’m really passionate about. Here it goes:

+ I’m from New Orleans, but am now a PNW transplant! My husband + I live just outside of Seattle and we love that we can be in the city or the mountains within a few minutes! Growing up in the south, I lived a pretty flat existence. I don’t know how I became obsessed with the mountains, but I always knew I wanted to live near them. Now that I do, I can have constant access to one of my favorite things in the world: backpacking.

+ Speaking of my husband, he is super cute. We’ve been together almost 10 years! Dating + marriage can be real hard, but I would never ever change it. I love him so much more because of all that we’ve experienced together. He is also really good at making coffee, so that is a huge plus. We love to travel together + have had too many fun adventures to count.

+ I am an absolute foodie. My grandfather was born and raised in France and became an international chef at a young age. I was always in the kitchen with him as a child, and that love transferred to adulthood in my own cooking. I’m in the kitchen about 78% of the time, and there is very little that makes me happier than when my table is full of people enjoying a meal around my table.

+ I absolutely adore my Siberian Husky, Nanook. If you follow me on Instagram you will see him in my stories. Sorry in advance if you don’t already, because I post about him a lot. He’s just so cute + furry + you can’t not love him.

+ I am realllll into interior design. My home is my happy place + there is nothing better than when my house is filled with people who can rest + feel peace in our home!

+ I love a good movie or documentary. I watch quite a bit of them, and I love when I learn something from them! I am particularly in love with anything about European monarchies…

+ I accepted Jesus at the age of 21, and it has been the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. It’s been a real treat seeing His work in my life!